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At Bering Partners, we understand the value and empowerment of education.


This is why for over 20 years, we have been in the business of delivering client-focused services to maximize the education opportunities and outcomes for Vietnamese students in the United States. From in-depth, personalized consultations to post-arrival support in the United States, we guide and assist our clients at every step along the way of identifying and accomplishing their students’ academic and personal objectives. We work diligently to help families find the best fit of academic programs, schools, and communities throughout the United States while covering the full spectrum of post-secondary education options: from community colleges to undergraduate and graduate degree offerings. Our principals share over 100 years of combined experience in successfully serving a wide variety of higher education and business partnerships between the United States and Vietnam. 


We are proud to have recruited and successfully worked with over 600 Vietnamese students who have earned their undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States over the past twenty years. Our clients are building thriving professional careers throughout a variety of industries in Vietnam and the United States, including engineering, energy, manufacturing, government services, business and finance, health care, and many others. 

"Education breeds confidence. 
Confidence breeds hope.
Hope breeds peace."
- Confucius

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