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So let's get started.

Different schools have different applications and deadlines for international students. The complexity of these applications vary, and it is crucial to have all of your documents ready in ample time before preparing your application.

College Application Preparation

We're here to help guide you through the college admissions process. 

We'll work with you to ensure that your applications are all professionally filled out, prepared, reviewed, and submitted. 

Bering Partners will help you

  • Navigate application formats and portals

  • Research school-specific application requirements

  • Compile and review resumes

  • Assemble financial forms and applications

  • Research student scholarships

  • Prepare your application for submission

Schedule your personal consultation today!

Basic Application Requirements Include

  • Certified translations of high school and college transcripts (if applicable)

  • Proof of financial sustainability

  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English test scores)

  • Valid passport

  • Three passport photos

  • Completed application for admission

  • Admission processing fee

  • Standardized test scores and other supplements (if applicable)

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