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Ms. Hien, B.S. Business/Finance, University of Missouri Kansas City

"I met Barry Clark over 20 years ago when the idea of being an international student was quite new. There were many students wanted to study abroad but didn’t know how to get the information or to apply to colleges in the United States. The internet was not as popular as it is now. The only way that you would know information is to talk to someone that had knowledge about this. Barry introduced me to his friend, Bob and Karen West which later became my sponsors. I stayed with their family for a few months when I first came to United States. They helped and guided me through the first few months in the new country and helped start off my college year. I am forever grateful for their help especially because I was a very young woman. Barry is very knowledgeable about the whole process of international students for school selection. He can help with visa applications and getting I-20 from schools. He also help with living arrangements or family sponsorship. It is hard to find someone that is honest and will be helpful to guide you through the whole process of coming to a new country for education. Barry Clark was my counselor at the time and is my friend now. I’m lucky to have met him."    


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We empower clients in Vietnam to reach their academic potential, realize their American education dream, and build successful futures as global citizens. 
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